Gross Motor Milestones

Typical motor development follows a predictable sequence. There are variations in this sequence, and the rate at which each child moves through the sequence varies.

1 month

  • elevates head slightly and rotates head to either side while on their tummy
  • kicks legs while on their back

2-3 months

  • props up on elbows and looks around when on their belly
  • rolls from back to belly
  • keeps their head in the middle while sitting with help

4-5 months

  • shifts their weight over to one side to reach for a toy while on their tummy and up on their elbows
  • brings feet to mouth and puts hands on knees legs and feet while on their back
  • attempts to roll from their back to their tummy
  • starting to sit by themselves

6-7 months

  • pushes up on their hands while on their belly and/or rocks on their hands and knees
  • gets from on their belly to sitting
  • rolls from back to tummy
  • attempts to sit from laying down
  • sits and plays with toys with one hand support on the toy
  • commando crawls

8-9 months

  • transitions sitting in/out of hands and knees
  • pulls to stand with support
  • goes from laying down to sitting
  • sits independently reaching for toys
  • creeps on hands and knees

10-11 months

  • pulls to stand at an object
  • rotates and pivots while sitting to reach for toys
  • cruises at furniture
  • walks with one hand held

12 months

  • stands up without support
  • walks independently
  • lowers self with control from standing

13-15 months

  • stands for long periods without support
  • stoops to pick up an object from the floor
  • climbs into adult chairs
  • walks backwards a few steps
  • creeps up steps

15-18 months

  • carries object while walking
  • creeps down steps
  • attempts to kick
  • attempts to run

18-24 months

  • stands on one foot momentarily
  • steps over small barrier
  • walks up steps
  • attempts to jump
  • runs with more coordination