Baby Clinic

As part of our ongoing commitment to the children of Florida, Beckman & Associates offers evaluation at reduced rates for healthy babies experiencing difficulty with nursing, whether with breast, bottle or both. This service was initiated by Debra Beckman in 1990. It is part of an ongoing study to determine the stressors that may impact oral skills for healthy newborns.

This service is for healthy babies of normal gestational development (38 weeks or better), who have been seen by the pediatrician and by the lactation consultant, and continue to have feeding difficulties for the mom (pain, bleeding nipples, etc) or baby (poor weight gain, sleepy baby during eating, clamps on the nipple, etc). The visit includes a Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and training for the parents regarding any areas shown to need treatment. The parents practice the techniques before leaving the clinic.

To insure a happy visit, the baby should be fed before the evaluation.

Please bring a video camera, tape and extra battery pack or adapter to tape the evaluation and home program.