Patient Testimonials

Words cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for my son. HE does not have a rash all over his face anymore. He knows how to swallow and use his cheek muscles now. He no longer drools. He no longer spits when he talks. You fixed his issues in a short period of time. His pediatrician could not help him despite all the creams, steroids, etc we had used on him. I was told to keep trying for almost a year of embarrassment and pain his face use to be raw and irritated. You took care of him and in no time he was pain free, his skin healed and he was able to use his cheeks. You are living proof of God’s calling. May God continue to bless you and all the children that you touch.

Mom and Robert

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate and love your employees... I have four children so I am no stranger to doctors or other health care providers but yours have shown compassion and professionalism I have never received before. Every place I have taken my children the most important issue was money, not my child. I was surprised to learn Janece had written letters to my HMO, that was at a time I felt no one cared and it was a day brighter to learn she was advocating for us! Theresa explains Roger’s therapy so I don’t feel unintelligent and she shows patience and love at every visit. I am so grateful my son comes to your clinic.

Debra (mother of Roger)

Mi experiencia in Beckman & Associates ha sido maravillosa. Mi hija Dorylene comenzo sus terapias fisica, ocupacional y oral en Marzo del 2006 y en ocho messes de terapias los cambios eran notables. Ella tenia mas control de su cabeza. En su terapia ocupacional ella aprendia a mirar con mas atencion los juguetes y persona lo cual antes le era indiferente. En su terapia oral el progreso a sido super notable a ella no le gustaba que le tocaran la boca y no podia comer ni beber. Ahora ella lo puede hacer. Estoy muy agradecida por el trabajo que han hecho en el centro con mi hija.


I wanted to thank you for saving Rylee's life. She was born without issue or complications, a perfect little girl. However, at her two week pediatrician's appointment she was below her birth weight. A visit with a lactation specialist revealed that she wasn't able to suck milk when she nursed, so we were referred to you. She was examined & scored 0% for lip, cheek and jaw muscle strength, and also 0% for her tongue movement. After the three weeks of the recommended therapy, she was able suck from a bottle. Recently, at her nine month pediatrician's visit she was 21 pounds. Thanks to your help, my baby went from failing to thrive to being a beautiful and chubby little girl.

Thank you for all of the days I've been given