Occupational Therapy

In OT we engage in play tasks, functional skills, and sensory experiences to address fine motor, visual receptive, self-care, postural stability, and sensory processing skills. Playing is enjoyable and may be the most natural way children learn to adapt to the world.

  • Fine Motor Skills pertain to bilateral coordination skills (the ability to use two hands together), grasping skills, pre-writing and handwriting skills.
  • Visual Reception Skills pertain to the ability to visually discriminate between colors, shapes, objects, pictures and designs.
  • Self-Care Skills pertain to gaining independence in dressing, self-feeding, grooming,and other daily tasks.
  • Postural Stability means having strength and stability in the proximal muscles and joints in the body such as the shoulder girdles, trunk and pelvis.
  • Sensory Integration means the ability to process information efficiently from the environment in order to respond appropriately.

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